organize + design

From the moment that she arrived I felt more and more clarity about what needed to be done. Shanna gave "hands on" help and advice. She is also very encouraging, positive, and down to earth. This is exactly what I was looking for to jump start my process of getting everything organized. 

Tanya T

I truly believe that Shanna has improved my quality of life with her organizing skills! She is lovely to be around, kind and patient, and very helpful - she isn't afraid to do some heavy lifting.  Our house was complete chaos. She was able to work around this general state of craziness and make my life easier.

Elana Fulner 

The final product was beyond our expectations and we are very happy with her work.  To be completely honest, most of the time we really didn't know what we wanted, but Shanna was able to interpret our vague ideas and turned them into reality.  Shanna is very good at what she does. So, would we use her again? Absolutely without question!

Spencer Tse

'Keep' or 'toss' decisions were left up to me. No judgment when I just had to keep that item from so many years ago.

Gretchen Peters   

Lifesaver. Miracle worker. Bright-eyed. Smart and inventive. Amazing intuition, and always trying to find a great solution that is smart on the money and the eye. I am still bowled over by how much she did and was able to improve the place, at no notice. Tirelessly working until everything was perfect.

Martin Gaiss 

This woman is a life saver! In fact, the whole experience was life transforming! She not only took over and got me organized, but she also taught me how to do it myself. Thank you, Shanna for kicking my butt and restoring integrity in my home!!

Lisa Mosis  

 Living 4 hours away from my remodeling project, I needed someone local to oversee this project. Shanna was just the person. Not only was she a fabulous designer, she's an even better person. Her energy is fun and inspiring, and communication was easy. Shanna selected the tile, flooring, cabinets, lighting, paint, fixtures and blinds, and then personally oversaw their installation.  I highly recommend Shanna. She's a delight to work with, and would use her again in a heartbeat.

 Hillary Levy  

She is professional, kind, considerate, and invested in her clients. She takes the time to work with you and what your specific needs are instead of just trying to sell you some one size fits all package or product. You get true individualized attention. 

Ryan Bathe  

I used Shanna for our company office. We design and manufacture products for companies, but our office quickly turned into more of a storage unit than a place of design, inspiration and pride. Shanna came in and organized the heck outta that place, creating a functioning, clean, unintimidating foundation for me to elaborate on, and the whole time wearing the cutest, brightest smile.

Amber Willat