organize + design

I was born to do this.  I’m a professional organizer with a serious knack for interior styling and design.

As a child in South Carolina, I had a sense that I was “wired” a bit differently from everyone else.  My happy place was organizing, moving furniture, and even painting my family and friend’s homes.  If you ask my older sister, she might tell you how our Barbie doll house was the epitome of stylish perfection and the envy of our peers.

Fast forward almost two decades - filled with hard work, big city moves, starting my dream business, and countless home transformations – and I'm still doing what I love and am truly passionate about.

Organization and design are my calling.  Now my adult happy place is being able to bring order and harmony into my clients’ homes.

creator. organizer. designer. adventurer.

about shanna little

about andre schnyder

I was born and raised in Sweden where my mom helped lay the foundation for my love of organized, clean spaces.  It became second nature to always maintain order and tidiness around me.  As a lifelong visual artist, I have an innate understanding of organization, spatial placement, color, and design.  Along the way, I also discovered that I had a natural ability to “fix things”, and this lead to my work as a successful handyman.  These skills are invaluable assets for my work as both an artist and a handyman. 

My work with Little Simplicity is such a natural fit for my unique background and expertise.  For me, it is the most rewarding and exhilarating feeling to see the magic happen when helping a client transform their dreams into reality.

handyman extraordinaire