organize + design

-design/style makeover
-space planning
-remodel planning
-paint/tile/floor selection
-photo gallery walls
-renew existing pieces
-custom built-ins
-creative spaces


-office space
-kids' room/playroom
-moving services




If you need something that isn’t included below or have any questions at all, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

a list of what we do.

Organization + Design in Harmony. 

Little Simplicity will custom-craft the perfect solution for your space. We are problem-solvers, designers, and expert organizers, and know how to turn your dreams into reality.

A big part of our process is getting to know you, seeing how you utilize your space, and discussing your style preferences — modern, classic, rustic, or an eclectic mix of it all.  We can utilize what you already own and love, work our styling and organizational magic with new pieces, or even design your space from scratch.  Everything we do — whether it's a closet overhaul or a design refresh — is tailored to your needs, aesthetics, and the practicalities of your daily life.

It’s not just about making a space work — it’s about making it work for you.
Let us help bring order, beauty, and simplicity back to your home.  


what we do.

This is our favorite part! We’re more than happy to work in tandem with you, or alone while you relax in full confidence knowing that our team is handling everything. We are super excited to breathe new life into your space and leave you feeling lighter and revitalized.

mark your calendar. Let's do this!

step 3: it's go time.

During this consultation, we do a thorough walk-through to get a good feel of the space and to discuss not only our thoughts and ideas, but listen to your goals, any obstacles, and your ultimate vision. We will then send you a project proposal outlining our process and vision for your space. After our visit, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit lighter and more at ease knowing we have a game plan and things are moving in the right direction!

Show us around.
Let's plan your transformation.

step 2: meet + Greet.

Are you interested in a style reboot, a complete organization overhaul, or both? We will discuss your specific project needs and see how our Little Simplicity team can help make your vision a reality.

Let’s chat and see how we can help you.

step 1: hello.

how we do it.

how much.

Projects that require more design/remodel work will be priced on an individual basis, based on the scope and complexity.

(There is a 4 hour minimum per visit) 

In-home Consultation fee is $ 175 

Organization + Basic Styling Services:   $ 125 / hour